Websites and Web Apps


I create professional solutions for the web that look great. Potential clients and users go to your website to find more information about your business, your products, and services. Displaying and providing this information is key. I can make your website competitive and accessible by ensuring that you have the best possible ranking on Google search. Your website should be an important sales tool. While making it easy for current and prospective clients to find you, I will also create amazing visuals so that they will also remember you.

Web Apps and Mobile Sites

I create websites that are “mobile device- friendly”: this means that they will load quickly on mobile devices so your users can easily find the information they are looking for and contact you. Another service I provide is the creation of Web Apps. These innovative applications function like native apps on an iPhone or mobile device, but instead of requiring the user to download an app, they can visit a web address at no cost. Web apps enable high functionality and advanced features that are not found on common websites and can also be browsed offline. View the Web App I made for The Hann Group on your mobile device for an illustration of this innovative technology.


Every website deserves some Tender, Love, and Care (TLC) even after it has been launched. Keeping your website updated show to your users that you are still active as a business and that you are hard at work. Updates should also be easy, and it can be if you choose to have a Content Management System (CMS) set up for your site, which I can do for you of course.



Before I start work on your new logo, I get to know you first. I learn what your goals are in the short term and long term, your demographic, and feel for the company. This research will help create your unique logo that will have a longer lifespan and your logo won’t need to be redesigned in a couple of years. I will create the perfect colours, and create the perfect imagery. This will help prevent us from following current trends and cliches but create an original and timeless logo.


Every business deserves to look professional, and logo templates are not the solution. Setting yourself apart from the crowd with a professional powerful logo is vital. If you are providing the best product in your field your company image should reflect the same. If your logo looks amateurish, your business will too.


Once we have created your perfect logo, I will create a master and provide you with several file types so you can find it easy to implement in new materials such as letterheads, profile pics for social networks, prints, and a vector file so you can scale your logo as big or as small as you want while still keeping its high resolution; not to mention that it will still look great in black and white.


Pack a Punch

There is so much over stimulation of the senses in today's world, so grabbing the attention of potential buyers is more difficult than ever. Having a great product or service is simply not enough.

Brand Recognition

Every ad still needs to reflect you as a company, so researching to understand your goals and values will produce a great ad and stay true to the brand.


A good ad gets people's attention, a great ad creates a memory. Need I say more?